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1951-1952 The Final Year of Evita Peron - Superb video!
- Just great every time I see it .I have a tear in my face love you Angel !! Evita for ever 
- Evita will never truly die. She is in our hearts forever.
- NUestra Bandera !!!
- This song is the epitome of who Freddie Mercury was.  i dont care if you like his music or not that man was one of the bravest of any other star.  he faced his end with more courage than most of you would have if you got chicken pox.  he continued to give every ounce of life in him to his last breath.  i believe the same of Eva Peron, although, i feel her reasons, and agenda were different.  her actions and her life can be taken very differently by different people.  i believe she authentically gave hope and also food, water, shelter, and a bit of joy to people who were otherwise considered peasants and she did that genuinely... the questions begin when you start asking where she got the money to do it... i myself am quite sure she knew what a Deutschmark looked like.   the poor and the peasants did live far better under Eva Peron, and adored her... but the type of regime that Peronism was is not a mystery.
- for fuck ingland,usa ,fasist kapitalist oligarg yes EVITA es bad,,no for poor people.fuch inglish fasistes
- That's combination of that song and the pictures is quite heartbreaking really. Her story fascinates me...I mean, say whatever you will, she had a wonderful passion for what she did and she was a fighter. I greatly admire that.
- No No Must go all the way she was one of a kind but of the good ones!!!!!!!
- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O-Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!777
- Ok at the beginning Eva didn't live life easy but no one has had a perfect life have they without making/causing problems? Evita did so much for Argentina and they'll never forget her for it! Evita said in her final broadcast that she's Argentina and always will be with all she did for Argentina they'll never forget her for it so I bet that she always will be. They've even made hospitals and and have other types of ways to remember her!!!
- It was such a tragedy that Evita was taken from this world so soon. She did so much for her people and for her country and she will never be forgotten. Viva la memoria de Evita!
- God rest her soul! She was a great woman.
- Com todo respeito quando estive ai (argentina) tive uma inveja deste povo pois senti o orgulho deles por evita pela sua patria sua bandeira... como seria bom se nos brasileiros tivesemos metade disso espero um dia ver tantas bandeiras aqui do brasil como vi as da argentina em seu pais parabens argentinos.
- She used to purchase bleach in 5 gallon drums to pour on her hair. It didn't do any good. She was still ugly.
- Eso es un mito, sino de donde vinieron los trabajadores que apoyaron al peronismo años más tarde? En realidad cuando la Argentina se industrializó, apareció toda esa gente para trabajar en las ciudades. Ese fue un error, centralizar la industria en un cinturón despoblando al país y acumulando gente en ciudades que no estaban preparadas para recibir tamaña población. La Argentina nunca perteneció al primer mundo. Para serlo, hay que industrializarse, y Argentina tiene las herramientas parahacerlo
- Lady Evita D. de Peron Symbol of Democracy, Solidarity, Humanity, Friendship , Love for the World !!!
- que hitler la tengan en su gloria
- great song pick