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O Awesome Maglev Train - Shanghai Pudong Airport - Longyang Road Station, China. Czas trwania pokazu w sekundach/minutach: 7m 25s. Liczba odsłon zanotowanych 83927 na dziś.. Pomóż nam rozwijać naszserwis, może to was zaciekawi zobaczcie zobacz jeśli masz wolny czas, oraz komentarze niżej czytaj. Jak oceniacie - zerknijcie też - bo otrzymał 185 w skali 1-5.


Awesome Maglev Train - Shanghai Pudong Airport - Longyang Road Station, China - who gives a fuck who designed it or who made it. Its a flying train for gods sake, its the way of the future just appreciate without comparing country dick sizes
- Is it really that noisy, when the Transrapid is going 400kmh ?
- QbPjknMLLMmlkn
- Amazing train
- kinda dumb how australia wants to build a highspeed rail network along the east coast they plan to have it operational in 2065... and it's not as fast as maglev T_T
- I took this Maglev two days ago.  I also rode on the High Speed train - R/T Shanghai to Beijing.  I also tired various crowded subways in both cities.  Wonderful experience for a retired engineer. 

My next trip will either be to the 3 Gorges Dam or on the high altitude train to Tibet.
- Meanwhile the airlines in the USA lobbying politicians to stop building fast train in the US, Capitalist 0 Communist 1
- The Germans sold this stuff to China. Communist Chinese are linked to the Jews and Communist Chinese are very stupid could not absorb this technology.
- This thing has been running for more than 10 years now. only one minor fire accident in summer
- Were you catching a flight?
- By road covering the same distace it takes almost an hour
- Just love watching these videos!
- Germany built this rail for China.
- Sounds like Br 485 :D 
- Fun Fact: if all people try to shake the train by moving their bodies, they train will acctually move a tiny bit
- Nos iriamos ter aqui no Brasil, por causas politicas ele não foi implementado :'( We would go have here in Brazil, but for political causes it has not been implemented :'( sorry my poor english.
- american's asses are burning
- Yes it is incredibly impressive. Once more the Germans delivered! ;) The problem with the Maglev technology as of today is the fact that it's very expensive to build. I think it's undescribably sad that throughout the ages, human scientific advances have been globally held back for ridiculously long periods of time because of the need for so called "economic stability". Our current economic model, really is a primitive system. We could transform our world tomorrow, and most wouldent recognize.