To was zaciekawi też.


O Eva Peron's Last Speech. Czas trwania pokazu w sekundach/minutach: 3m 16s. Liczba odsłon zanotowanych 65446 na dziś.. Pomóż nam rozwijać naszserwis, może to was zaciekawi zobaczcie zobacz jeśli masz wolny czas, oraz komentarze niżej czytaj. Jak oceniacie - zerknijcie też - bo otrzymał 105 w skali 1-5.


Eva Peron's Last Speech - It would be good if we could actually HEAR the speech over all the music.  We do not need music played in the background all the time.
- She and Peron bankrupted an entire nation, but managed to live in unbridled luxury themselves. So much for their concern for their own people.
- Evita es Argentina, y siempre sera !
- Sorry to ruin your parade, but she's actually a Basque descendant (French-Spanish).
- Wow, increible....esta mujer amaba al pueblo
- Superb being that died in fighting for other human's rights.
- Correction: this is not her last speech. Her last speech was given on the balcony of the Casa Rosada on May 1st, 1952. The speech heard during this video is the one she gave on the 17th of October, 1951, on 9 de Julio Avenue.
- Brave, brave woman.
- Santa Evita!