O Tory Lanez x Drake x Trey Songz (Sampled) Type Beat (Prod. By DC Hooligan). Czas trwania pokazu w sekundach/minutach: 4m 28s. Liczba odsłon zanotowanych 53917 na dziś.. Pomóż nam rozwijać naszserwis, może to was zaciekawi zobaczcie zobacz jeśli masz wolny czas, oraz komentarze niżej czytaj. Jak oceniacie - zerknijcie też - bo otrzymał 633 w skali 1-5.


Tory Lanez x Drake x Trey Songz (Sampled) Type Beat (Prod. By DC Hooligan) - Able to go non profits on this , will make a hit out of it 💯😈💨🔥 itsleovalentino@yahoo.com 
- able to use for non profit ? will make a hit out of this
- I really wanna use this bro
- I want to buy this beat
- good shit brother.
- Me And My Bro Bout to kill this!! Check Out or music
- dope shit
- Please take a second to hear my song "Gon' Get It" comment your thought's, I by all means reply to everything.
- dis beat dope af!!! fuck shit
- Sampled from what? 
- I Want That Beat
- Can I use this for non profit too fire
- Nettepooh7@gmail.com, i appreciate you if emailed me about this beat please!
- that was really dope… from producer to producer, you got talent - VinnyxProd
- You did this beat, i need more from you. Just like this. If you have a shit load, KadeFresco@gmail.com check out my work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U9D7-CrFnI
- You are the very first person out of the thousands of producers I've talked to and listened to. To actually successfully make a Drake Type beat. 
- Can I use this for a non profit project??
- email me this Oh God Og God!
- @duchi_maguire FIRE!!!!!