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O Tory! Tory! Tory! - Ep 3: The Exercise of Power - BBC 2007. Czas trwania pokazu w sekundach/minutach: 58m 56s. Liczba odsłon zanotowanych 27513 na dziś.. Pomóż nam rozwijać naszserwis, może to was zaciekawi zobaczcie zobacz jeśli masz wolny czas, oraz komentarze niżej czytaj. Jak oceniacie - zerknijcie też - bo otrzymał 74 w skali 1-5.


Tory! Tory! Tory! - Ep 3: The Exercise of Power - BBC 2007 - When Heath gave us a referendum to leave or stay in the EU, Thatcher toured the country persuading us to stay in, she was one of its most fervent supporters. The videos are on here for you to see.
- I have no time at all for power loving freaks.
People in a position of power could do a lot of good but they hardly ever do.
- dictatorship rears its ugly head … once again … 
- Someone getting squished by a horse at 41:00.
- There's a ghost behind Edwin Currie at 3:06.
- What is the song called at the beginning of the video?
- blah blah fucking blah
- The idea that everyone should pay a tax is unfair?  ok...
- “It sank me below the water line. I had to implement the bloody thing.”  Yes, it was such a hard blow to British politics to see Chris Patten go.  (End sarcasm)
- From hearing my parents talk about her she absolutely crippled education and healthcare, not to mention the housing crisis that grew from her privatisation of the council houses, which is becoming more difficult to buy houses due to overseas companies heightening the prices
- Strange to see Neil Hamilton as a poster boy for Thatcherism and the free market. Then again, perhaps not - he seems to have been willing to do anything to turn a fast buck:
- The brutal Thatcher Regime lasted 10 years, the Argentine junta lasted only 6 years. The Argentine junta's legacy is multiparty democracy, in England the Thatcher Regime left, things as usual: a duopolic pseudodemocracy with queens and a House of Lords. That is what I call a Medieval form of government.  
- That risible old bromide about Thatcherism again; that it was 'medicine', 'awful to taste but good for us'. Good for whom? Rather easier to say that when you're a Sunday Times columnist (as here) than if you're an industrial worker thrown on the scrap heap.
- Much of this is BBC propaganda - a complete re-writing of history. Did the people support the miners in the early 80s? Rubbish, of course they didn't, that is why they voted for Thatcher.
- And where are those Derbyshire miners now? Were those 20 pieces of sliver worth it?
- All propaganda, not a single citation. No, it's not 'accepted', the polls tell us rather the public has overwhelming rejection. Even most Tories support renationalisjng the railways.
- Thatcher was hopelessly cautious in reforming and reducing employment in the NHS. Enoch Powell and George Osborne at least really tired and made real progress. Even Gordon Brown and Tony Blair were determined to try and begin to break the reactionary protectionist self interest of the doctors,nurses and social workers. Significantly Brown gave people the right to choose their own doctor and tried to give GPs the right to prescribe psych drugs. The British medical system and attitude of Drs and Psychiatrists is hopelessly outdated, reactionary, ignorant and elitist. The ordianary thug of nurses unions and refusal to admit their obstruction, abuse and violence aganist psych patients causes the illness is appalling.
 Low grade, modest IQ workers in the service industries, defence, polcie and nursing need to be removed. The Tory party needs to stand for intelligence and beauty , not faux gays like Portillo, Hague, Fox  and sterlie provincial old ladies and squires. Throw the Army faction out, the British Army failed predictably in Afghan and Iraq. The purpose of the military is to kill militant proles and those who want to control womens sex life and education. Its not a 100 year old project or a Oxford tutorial. Its not social work or road and school building.
- But in many ways, Thatcher, Portilo and Major failed to break out the general settings established by Churchill, Macmillan and Buttler in the 1950s- in the gradual scaling down of a powerful conventional force, in favour of primary and tactical nuclear deterrence and half pied egalitarianism. What appears to have truimphed is the vision of Tony Crosland who was only half right. Crosland aimed to destroy every fucking grammar school, and reduce education and life to feel good. Crosland as Minister of Enviroment, destroyed architectual greatness and real style and introduced the transport policy of road freight and rail to be a high priced passenger service. Crosland reacted with horror when he found 15 RN frigates were half way to Iceland in 1975 after a Icelandic red gunboat shot 57mm shells into a Grimbsby trawler.  Middlebrow governents did not allow unilateral action by the officer class.
- Thatcher was right on the exchange mechanism of the 90's and what europe transformed into today.
- Good choise of 80s music