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O Trains of the Midwest Part 5. Czas trwania pokazu w sekundach/minutach: 35m 2s. Liczba odsłon zanotowanych 3849647 na dziś.. Pomóż nam rozwijać naszserwis, może to was zaciekawi zobaczcie zobacz jeśli masz wolny czas, oraz komentarze niżej czytaj. Jak oceniacie - zerknijcie też - bo otrzymał 1618 w skali 1-5.


Trains of the Midwest Part 5 - Awesome videos!
- wow I just knew the train in the USA has a very long train in a time.
a very rare sight here in Indonesia even in Asia I think.
anyway great video.
- Well done! I especially enjoyed seeing those double-length auto parts box cars on that U.P. auto rack train! Don't see them much anymore where I live!
- Nice vid
- Lol around 20:00 there's a Fruit Stripe truck.  You would lose flavor in the time it takes for the Amtrak to pass by.
- splendid!!!!
- Jamesiamwachenatrainsow
- Check out this video on YouTube:s
- Great to see the entire train and different locations!
- Great 35 minutes. Nice open vista locations. Where was the majority filmed? Northern Illinois? Nice to see the IC units.
- great video
- Love the night shots when the lights and bells start up, kind of ominous!  And the train's light off in the distance coming closer.  Nice video.
- The first crossing is where? around 2:00
- Great video!
- Those midwestern trains are LONG, plus they have a really diverse mixture of freight! I'm from the eastern seaboard and I don't get trains like these.
- Isn't that the O.Winston Link Band at the beginning?
- Like all the video. cool.
- Intro music - Offspring , keep "em Separated
- Fantastic videos !
- Did you see the tordnadic cloud at 9:16